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About Andel
   Welcome to ANDEL website. ANDEL manufacture bicycle parts. Most parts crankset and
chainringand cogs.Our employees possess specialized technology and plentiful experience of
designing and making these products.We provide customers with the best services.

   The bicycle industry has become refined, advanced, diversified and fashionable. Therefore,
it needs all kindsof components. ANDEL has a team full of specialized technology and plentiful
experience. We make productswhich satisfy customer's desire. If you need special specification,
please contact with us, we are also production normalization products in order to meet
customers' needs.

    People use bicycle in transportation, racing, relaxation and sports. They also ask for higher
quality of it. Therefore the development of bicycle is an endless challenge. ANDEL Enterprise Co.
will keep developing and making the best products. We welcome OEM, ODM and other sellers. We
thank our client... [more]
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